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  • The Bully Busters The Bully Busters Written by W. Michael Walker, Illustrated by Amber Walker
  • Jackson Trotter Jackson Trotter The Bully Buster
  • Emma Sweetly Emma Sweetly xoxoxoxoxo!
  • Jedrick Trotter Jedrick Trotter The baby brother. The banana monkey. The toxic thunder king.
  • Jazzy Trotter Jazzy Trotter The snapdragon...I mean little sister.
  • Horace Horace Locks from shocks!
  • Gumby the Gumbinator Gumby the Gumbinator What up, nerd herd?

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 The beef is flying high at Southstone Middle School, and we’re not talking about the stuff you toss on the barbecue. This garbage pours from the mouths of a few hardcore bullies who love hammering on anyone they consider lame. Thankfully, Jackson and Jasmine Trotter have made it their personal mission to set these blowhards straight.
Is the operation too risky? Will they crack under pressure? 
Come along with The Bully Busters on this hysterical ride, and see if courage prevails in the face of some massive skeletal breakage.